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Hours of Operation:  Monday – Thursday, 8:50 – 12:40


2014-15 Registration Information

Registration for 2014-15 school year will open to church members and currently enrolled families on Feb. 24th.

Registration opens to the community on March 10, 2014.

Call for information (910) 270-2315.


Summer Camp Registration


Summer Camps are offered this summer on a variety of subjects.  Your child can attend 1 or all camps.



      June 16- June 19             Camping We Will Go!


    June 23 – June 26         Red, White, and Blue


    July 7 – July 10               Under the Sea


    July 14 – July 17             Food Fun


    July 21 – July 24            The Animal Kingdom


    July 28 – July 31             Little Architects


    August 4 – August 7       Prehistoric Wonders


Session Times:  Monday – Thursday   9:00am to 12:30pm


The cost is of the camp is $70 per session for first child; $65 per session for each additional child. The cost for all seven sessions is $450 for first child; $425 for each additional child.  Your fee cannot be refunded unless the camp is cancelled due to lack of interest.


Please enclose a reservation fee, which is half of the amount owed, with your registration form.  (Forms are available from Hope Mintz, 270-2315.)  The remainder will be due by June 16, 2014. Please mail to Topsail Presbyterian Preschool 16249 US Hwy 17 Hampstead, NC  28443.



Topsail Presbyterian Preschool is a developmental preschool in which each child is given the opportunity to progress at his or her own pace. We believe that each child is a unique individual, full of God-given talents and abilities. Each child has a learning style that is unique to him or her. We strive to maintain a well-rounded program providing worthwhile and fun filled experiences that teach to all different learning styles. Our curriculum inspires investigation, exploration, manipulation and creative expression. Our goal is to help each child build a positive self-image with the knowledge that they are loved by God, by providing guided opportunities for social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.


For each child to…

  • Develop a positive, wholesome attitude toward God, work, play, people, property, learning and self
  • Develop an acceptable behavior pattern toward others as he/she becomes part of a group setting
  • Develop an appreciation for the love of God as offered in Jesus Christ
  • Creatively express him/herself through art, music, movement, stories and group play
  • Develop independent thinking and problem solving skills


Hope Mintz

Hope Mintz, Director

(910) 270-2315