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The Session would like to inform the congregation on the process to find a new minister and continuing church functions. We have requested that Presbytery assist us with finding an Interim Minister who can serve our pastoral worship and care needs for up to 1 year while we do a thorough search for our next full time Minister. A committee of Elders and Members will participate in the search for the Interim Minister.
Once we have an Interim in place, another committee will begin the full-time Minister search process. As part of it's work, that committee will get input from you, the members of this church, in a variety of ways which will be explained further as we get to that point in the process.
In the immediate future, we are blessed to have qualified and experienced people who will be conducting sermons for the next few weeks until we get an Interim Minister in place. Likewise, we are fortunate to have volunteers who have already stepped up to take over youth activities until a permanent Youth and Christian Education Director can be hired.
Feel free to ask any of the Elders any questions you might have. And I'll reiterate that session will continue to keep you informed as the process continues.

Thank you.

Topsail Presbyterian Church

The Weekly Update is published to foster growth in faith, fellowship and service among the Topsail Presbyterian Church’s members and friends




Please sign up for Punch and Cookies– we have several slots open for the end of July. 


Topsail Presbyterian Church is excited to announce that Vacation Bible School will be held August 9-13 from 5:30-8pm. Join us as we teach God’s word to the children in our community. We invite children from the age of 4 through the 5th grade. This is a free event and dinner will be provided. You will not want to miss this great opportunity! You register by going to this link:  https://kideventpro.lifeway.com/myChurch/?id=28887


Did you know there is a Women’s Interval Exercise class here on Monday& Wednesday's at 8:45am & Thursday’s at 10:30am? The cost is $5 per class.  Bring your yoga mat and work out with us Monday & Wednesday's at 8:45am and Thursday's at 10:30am in the fellowship hall!

(Around 30-45 minutes. Work on strength, cardio and abs.)


Topsail Strings will be playing the 2nd Sunday every month at the 8:30 & 10:30 services. They will also play under the trees after the August 31 service.


The monthly Women of the Church luncheon will resume on Wednesday, July 15 at 12:00 noon. We are trying a new place called Fox and Hound. This restaurant is located next to the Mayfair Cinema in Mayfair (if you are facing the theatre, Fox & Hound is to your left). We will car pool from the church, meeting at 11:20am, leaving the church no later than 11:30am so that we will not be late for our 12:00 noon reservation. If you choose to drive alone, on street parking is available. Please let Donna Kraynick (270-4045) know if you will be attending, so we can give the restaurant an idea of the number to expect.


Cents-Ability Offering will be July 12. Presbyterian Women began this project in response to world hunger. The collection, from families like yours, of donations of two cents per meal. It seems like nothing but it leads to an enormous gift to those who have no food to eat. The gifts help locally then reaches out to national and international projects of the Presbyterian

Hunger Program.


Join Us: Hymn Sing and Homecoming will be a combined service, there will be no 8:15 services on these two days, July 12 and August 23. Please join us after the Hymn Sing for our annual luncheon of fried chicken, cole slaw, biscuits and watermelon in the fellowship hall. This will also serve as our reception to say our Thank You’s to Bob Norem for his many years of service.


Men’s Fellowship meets on a Wednesday at 12:30.  Come join us to MEET, EAT AND FELLOWSHIP. All men of the church are invited.


            July 15                        Crab Shack

            August 12                   La Costa                  

            September 16             Antonio’s    


Our next FELLOWSHIP DINNER will be July 22 at 6:00pm. We will be serving chicken BBQ, pulled pork BBQ, sides, dessert and beverage. Tickets are $9.00. See Laurie Rucks at the 10:30am service or Diane Hughes at the 8:15am service or you can call Laurie at 410-627-4671 to make your reservation by July 19. You must have a reservation or a ticket so we can determine how much food to have Sawmill cater. We hope to see you there.


Anyone interested in volunteering to help with Vacation Bible School is asked to call Jean Talbert (270-3510). We need all types of volunteers, so if you are willing to help in any way please call and let Jean know. Let’s make it a great week for the children!


Homecoming will be coming up on August 23. The Worship Committee would like to ensure all our friends are invited to attend. If you know anyone you want to invite, please ensure that Julie gets their name and current address. (julie@topsailpres.org or 270-2312)


Worship Committee is happy to announce our speaker for Homecoming will be Rev. Dr. Edward Moore Sr., Retired Member of Coastal Presbytery and former Pastor of Topsail Presbyterian Church. Be sure to mark your calendar for August 23!



The ladies of the church are giving a baby shower for Candace Woodcock Migliara on Sat., July 11, from 3-5. If you would like to help, please contact Donna Lewis (270-2818) or Nancy Simon (686-7846).  If you cannot help, we hope you will attend.  Let's help Candace and family to welcome the new baby girl, Giuliana Louise! Candace is registered at Target, Amazon & Pottery Barn for Kids.


….From the Mission Committee For those of you who have wondered about the Potato Planting loosely scheduled for June, it has been moved to October. We will be “gleaning” the potatoes. This simply means, we will be gathering the ones that have not been harvested by the machinery. It should be a good time to do this, as the holiday food baskets will be able to use them. Looking forward to October!


Music Notes:

I hope everyone is doing all they can to keep cool this summer.  One of the things I always look forward to doing during my summer break is to go out and ride the Cross-City Trail on my bicycle.  It is only a half mile from my house and I ride it every morning all the way through the UNCW campus before turning around and heading home.  That loop is a 16 mile ride that unfortunately with the hot weather, I have not been able to begin that tradition.  Hopefully the weather will break this week and I can get back to normal.


I am still seeking ideas for hymns for our annual hymn sing.  If you have a hymn you would love us to sing, let me know.  This year’s hymn sing will be a great one that you don’t want to miss.


By now I hope you have heard that I am leaving Topsail Presbyterian.  My final Sunday is July 12th.  I will be here this Sunday the 28th and on July 12th.  Noah will be playing on July 5th as I will be on my way to Lake Junaluska for a few days of rest on that day.  I will be assuming the Director of Music Ministries position at Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church on July 13th.  I have truly enjoyed my time here at Topsail.  It is hard to believe we have worshipped together for the last 580 Sundays.   Great things are in store for Topsail and I look forward to seeing what happens here in the next years.   I will still be in the community as I will still be teaching at Topsail Middle.  I will truly miss seeing everyone on Sunday mornings.  It was a hard decision for me to make but I believe God is leading me in a new path to help another church re-imagine their music ministry.  Thanks for the past 11 years.



Help! Topsail Strings is in need of sound equipment to continue our ministry at Champions Assisted Living! The coat of the equipment is $700. If you would like to make a donation to the band fund, you can use the offering envelopes in the pew and mark it band fund, or make a notation on your check, band fund. Thank you in advance for keeping this ministry going.



*For a complete calendar go to http://73977965.view-events.com or go to the calendar tab at the top of the page*





The TPC preschool has signed up with Lowes Food Stores “Enroll in Cart to Class” and Harris Teeter’s “Together in Education” rewards programs.  Sign up for these worthwhile programs that cost you absolutely nothing except a little time and presenting your loyalty cards when you checkout.  You will need to re-link your card to TPC preschool annually, usually in August, with each food store.  We will remind you!  The funds received from these programs will be used to offset preschool expenses.

If you have either Lowes Foods Rewards Card or Harris Teeter VIC card and would like for a portion of your purchases to help the preschool, just link your cards to either or both rewards programs.

To sign up with Lowes Food Store use the following link:




To sign up online for Harris Teeter use this link or you may give the following number to the cashier when you check out 3178.



Please remember that this only takes a little of your time and you to present your loyalty cards at checkout.

Together all of us can help our preschool. If you have questions you can contact Bob at financialsec@topsailpres.org.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Preschool Committee

*If you need help linking your card you can call Julie at the church office, 270-2312, or Gemma at the preschool, 270 – 2315, and they will assist you.



 Worship News

Communion at Home: Our session is offering to serve communion at home to anyone who is unable to join us in the sanctuary.  We also visit nursing homes and care facilities.  Please let us know of anyone who would like to take part in this special service.  Call the church office at 270-2312 or e-mail julie@topsailpres.org to be placed on the list.


**Services from Topsail Presbyterian Church are broadcast on Charter cable channel 190 at 11:00 on Sunday mornings.  (The broadcasts are of the service from the previous week.)


For News from the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina,  click here to visit our Presbytery’s website:  www.presbycc.org




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